The extreme cold weather has affected EPark machines in Edmonton, leaving drivers to wonder what they should do when they are trying to pay for parking.

Last Monday, Colleen Heidecker walked around until she found a machine that worked.

“All of the meters, you couldn’t see anything because they were frozen, so I couldn’t put my information.”

Even after she found one that worked, there was another problem.

“The credit card part was frozen, so I was able to actually chip the ice away and get my credit card in and actually pay for parking.”

Heidecker tweeted at the City of Edmonton and was told to call 311.

The city admitted the weather has affected some EPark machines in recent days, and those who didn’t pay for parking and got a ticket, there may be a way out.

“If an EPark technical issue has resulted in a ticket, citizens should request a review through Bylaw Ticket Administration. Upon confirmation of the issue, the ticket may be cancelled.”

With files from CTV Edmonton's Sarah Plowman