EDMONTON -- Anna Zhang is a classically trained pianist.

“I started taking piano lessons when I was five so I've grown up my entire life playing music,” said the 22 year-old.

Zhang is also a law student at the University of Toronto. So when she returned home to Edmonton after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she decided to play piano to raise money for various food banks in Alberta and Ontario.

“Growing up I used to do a lot of volunteering with food banks, said Zhang, “and they're faced with a whole bunch of different challenges. A lot of people aren't donating anymore so I felt like that was the way that I could make the biggest impact."

Zhang started a website called Keys For Covid where people can make a donation. In return, Zhang will play and post a cover song of your choice. 

The project is just two weeks old and already Zhang has raised over $2,000 dollars.

“To use my music which is something I was working on and playing and having a lot of fun with anyway so I wanted to see if I could do something good for the community,” said Zhang.

The response has been positive and Zhang has already completed 50 song requests. Even former Premier Rachel Notley took notice, posting it onto her Facebook page.

"My goal for this whole thing was just to be able to contribute in some manner.”

Anna says she is considering continuing her project after COVID.

If you’d like to donate and request a song (or just donate) visit Anna’s website.