A big country star could be headed to a small central Alberta community, but there’s a catch. Residents in the town of Rimbey will need your help to earn a mini Big Valley Jamboree concert.

“It would sure be nice…to bring the community together,” said Rimbey Mayor Rick Pankiw.

The Town of Rimbey is in the race to win a contest, hosted by the Big Valley Jamboree.

BVJ puts on a small show in one lucky Alberta community every year. Canadian country music star Gord Bamford is headlining 2017 Small Town Saturday Night.

Winning the competition would mean more funding for Rimbey’s Boys and Girls Club (BGC).

“All of the sudden in the past year we’ve really grown by leaps and bounds,” BGC Program Director Annette Peck said.

Some ticket sales will go to the club, allowing them to help more children. “This is the point where we really want to expand and have more programming,” Peck explained.

Pankiw said they also have support from surrounding communities. It’s hoped a win would help them boost tourism dollars during this economic downturn.

“It's a great way like I say to bring our community together and outside our community, bring outside people in to see what Rimbey has to offer.”

They plan to host the concert at the Agrim Centre with beer garden sales going to the Rimbey Agriculture Society.

Voting opens February 1, and ends February 15, when the top ten finalists will be chosen.

Once the finalists are chosen, BVJ will produce videos of each community, which will be voted on to decide the winner between March 13 and March 28.

Big Valley Jamboree is celebrating its 25th year, and over 200 Alberta communities are eligible for the contest.