In the lead-up to her first concert in Edmonton, a Disney teen queen held an autograph session – giving her biggest fans a chance to meet their favourite celebrity.

Many of Selena Gomez's young fans lined up in the wee hours for a chance to meet the singer and actress.

"I've never met a pop star in my life," Youngster Isabella Anderson said, excitedly. "Selena's one of my favourites."

Hundreds of fans are supporting the 19-year-old starlet, as much for her star power, as for her positive influence.

In a celebrity world populated with some young stars setting a bad example for their fans, Gomez has made a positive impression.

"She teaches girls to love themselves for themselves," Fan Marissa Huber said. "And not to change to try to impress people, she's always been like that."

"I just encourage everybody to stay in school and be nice to everybody," Gomez said, addressing the hundreds of fans crowded in and around the Ice Palace at West Edmonton Mall. "That's all I can represent, is to be a good person."

Another reason for fans to love her, is her relationship with Canadian teen star Justin Beiber.

"I really like Beiber and they're my two favourite celebrities," Marissa Huber said. "So the two of them together is like, perfect."

Sunday would be a long one for many of her fans, she takes the stage at Rexall in the evening, but many of her fans had to make an early start for a chance to meet her.

"[We were waiting for] nine hours," Fan Kaylie Huber said. "We were here at six o'clock."

For those fans, the wait was worth it.

With files from Jessica Earle