A racy weekly newspaper cover and photo spread has prompted one Edmontonian to launch a petition to have the issue hidden from the public eye.

Michelle Gimenez said she was appalled to see the cover of the current issue of Vue Weekly, which recently published the results of its annual sex survey.

The cover features two nude women holding hands with a naked man with the words "Sex in the city" strategically covering their private parts.

Inside the paper, there are 22 pages of survey results and racy photos.

Gimenez said she can't understand why the paper is allowed to be displayed out in the open.

"I took a double take because I couldn't believe that it had something like that on the cover of it," she said.

The Edmonton resident compared the magazine to a current issue of Playboy.

"It's basically the same thing you can get in an adult magazine," she said. "We don't allow children to purchase that stuff and then when it's somewhere that's ... eye level with them."

Gimenez said she is starting a petition to have the window on the paper's box blacked out so only people who are interested in the publication will open the door.

Vue publisher Ron Garth defended the paper's annual issue Monday, saying his publication is known for pushing the limits and printing edgier content.

"We publish what we feel is of interest and people try to create some diversity of voice and this is just one more example," he said.

Garth said the paper's racks are mainly in the downtown arena, near places where only adults typically visit.

Officials estimate Vue Weekly is read by about 70,000 to 80,000 people. Less than two per cent of the paper's readership is under the age of 18.

CTV Edmonton wants you to have YOUR SAY on the racy cover. Is it appropriate to display the paper in public view?