Classes are now winding down for Edmonton students as summer holidays are approaching. And as five city schools close down for good, many students saying their final goodbye.

"Today is all about fun and leaving with fond memories of Fulton Place School," said principal Karen Brown.

Back in April, Edmonton Public School Board trustees voted to close Fulton Place School, Eastwood, McCauley, Parkdale, and Capilano. 

More than 200 students attend Fulton Place and students spent most of Monday celebrating and saying goodbye to the only school they've ever known.

"It's sometimes really hard to go to a different school since you're used to one school already," said student Janessa Layton.

Michael Ferber says he has high praise for the school and its people he got to know when he moved his family to Edmonton two years ago.

"There's a lot of friendships that are changing and a good bit of grief that goes along with that," he said.

The Public School Board had held several public meetings prior to the board's final vote.

It was back in February when school board trustees received recommendations to close the schools citing low enrolment numbers as the cause.

With files from Susan Amerongen