A trip to the outdoor rink for two young Oilers fans, turned into a game they won’t soon forget.

Eric Ripka and Logan Green showed up to play some shinny at the Crestwood rink when they were challenged to a game by Oilers right winger Jesse Puljujarvi.

One of the boys was wearing a go pro when they made the discovery of who was out on the ice with them, capturing the exciting moment on camera.

The two young hockey players said Puljujarvi scored more goals than they did, but that they came away with the win.

“We think he played light against us, ‘cause when he was on a breakaway, all alone, he wouldn’t take the shot,” said Eric Ripka. “He’d turn around and deke us out again and at the end he said 'last goal wins', and we scored that… “

Even after taking the loss, Puljujarvi was classy in his defeat.  He took some pictures with his opponents and signed his stick which he then gave to the boys.