A YouTube video shows a black bear stalking two joggers just a few kilometres from where a Suncor employee was killed in a bear attack.  

The clip, posted by Bruce Allan, shows the bear approaching the runners on the Matcheetawin Trails in Fort McMurray on June 5.

Greg Armour said he and Bruce were trying to avoid the bear.

“We turned and we headed up a trail. We went up a part that we hadn’t been on before.”

However, the bear continued to follow them.

“We got to a point where he basically had us cut off.”

Allan said he was concerned for a few minutes.

“I was ready for him to pretty much pounce on me at any time.

“He marched us up almost a kilometre of trail before we got turned around and came back again.”

In the video the men can be seen backing away and grabbing rocks before they were finally able to run back to safety.

“It was just a matter of trying to keep together and keep focused and work until we had a chance,” Armour explained.

Allan said the encounter happened about three kilometres from where Lorna Weafer was killed in May.

Allan said he alerted Fish and Wildlife to the incident immediately after the men got back to their vehicle.

The video has gotten thousands of views since it was posted on Friday, June 13.

With files from Amanda Anderson