A local hockey team has paid tribute to the victims of the Connecticut shooting. 

Players on the KC North Titans peewee team wore black armbands during their game on Saturday at the Londonderry arena.

The team manager said the move was one of awareness.

“Making sure the kids are aware of what’s going on and letting them know that we can’t just let things like this happen anymore,” Sean McCartan said.

“If we think we are immune to this kind of stuff we’re kidding ourselves. It can happen anywhere. It can happen to us and we always have to be aware. “

McCartan said he talked to his own children about the tragedy as well as to the boys on the team.

“They need to be aware that this world is full of some bad stuff and they need to know about it. They need to watch for it.

“We let them know that wearing this armband was a tribute to the people who died.”

He also said the players were fully supportive of the armband.

“As soon as we walked in the dressing room and started putting the tape on one of the player’s sleeves they immediately started lighting right up. There wasn’t one word said, they didn’t ask why they were getting it put on they just lined up and we put it on.”

For him, McCartan said the incident highlighted how important it was to treasure every moment.

“Life is short and you never know what’s coming.”