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Alberta's new restrictions came into effect at midnight. Here's what you need to know


Albertans woke up Thursday to new restrictions implemented by the province to slow the spread of COVID-19 and ease the burden on its health system. 

Some of the measures Alberta introduced Wednesday evening came into effect hours later at midnight. Here are the rules that are already in effect as of 12:01 a.m. on Sept. 16: 


Across the province, masks are now mandatory for students in Grades 4 and up, plus all staff and teachers.

Elementary schools are also expected to form cohorts.

There are no restrictions on outdoor activity, nor are physical distancing and masks required during physical activity.

Schools may be exempt from the mandatory mask rule if they implement an "alternate COVID safety plan."

Other indoor activities – like performances or sports – are permitted with two-metre distancing.


The province instituted a mandatory work-from-home order on Wednesday for all employees whose physical presence isn't considered necessary for their job.


Fully vaccinated Albertans are limited to socializing indoors with one other household up to a maximum of 10 people. Children under 12, who are not eligible for a vaccine, are allowed to participate without restrictions.

The same rules do not apply to Albertans who are eligible for vaccine but not immunized; unvaccinated people are not allowed to attend any indoor social gathering.

Outdoor social gatherings are permitted to a maximum of 200 people and mandated physical distancing.


Outdoor events are not subject to an audience cap, according to the rules announced Wednesday. However, two metre-distancing is required.


Starting Thursday, places of worship are limited to host one third of their fire code capacity.

Masks are also mandatory here, as well as physical distancing between households (or two close contacts for people living alone).


Similar to the rules applied to indoor school activities, all other children's activities are allowed to continue with distancing, masking where possible, and symptom screening.

Again, minors do not have to wear a mask or distance during physical activity.

Spectator crowds for these events, however, must be capped at one third fire code capacity, and audience members must be masks and distanced from other households.

There are no restrictions on outdoor activities.

Day camps, too, are allowed to continue with physical distancing and masking while indoors. Overnight camps must be cohorted. Top Stories

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