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Alberta website with updated QR code 'unavailable' most of launch day


Alberta’s updated COVID-19 QR code, which is supposed to meet the Canadian standard for domestic and international travel, was largely unavailable the first day residents were able to download it.

The province said on Tuesday the QR code would be updated on Wednesday, but users reported issues with the Alberta Covid Records website.

As of Wednesday night, the website had been updated to include a message stating the new vaccine record will be unavailable while the issues were worked out.

The province's website states the updated QR code is unavailable.

Earlier Wednesday, Alberta Health told CTV News the website would be updated “ASAP,” but the province later tweeted it was still unavailable.

Albertans were still able to access the previous version of the QR code. 

The new record includes middle names and is written in both official languages.

The Alberta government says the original code will still be accepted for the Restrictions Exemption Program, if there are Albertans who do not plan to travel. Alberta’s QR code scanning app is supposed to recognize both the current and updated code.

The province also says the app can scan codes issued by other provinces and territories, as well as Canadian Armed Forces records.

For international travelers who were vaccinated outside Canada, out-of-country vaccine records can be used along with ID such as a passport. Top Stories

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