His is a vehicle that has inspired responses both for and against the short, but profane message shown on a brightly coloured sign in the back window.

Photos of the four-door hatchback, with a neon pink sign proclaiming “F--- Harper” in block letters have surfaced in recent days on social media.

The vehicle belongs to Rob Wells.

“Harper supporters are very offensive to me, so being offensive is not illegal in this country,” Wells said.

“I put a lot of thought in before I put a sign like that on my car."

In person, the sign prompts mixed responses.

“I think it’s very vulgar, I don’t think it looks very nice at all,” Richard Kelly, who lives in the area where the vehicle was parked, said Monday. “Is this a joke?”

Another individual told CTV News he didn’t think the sign was fair, saying he supported the leader of the federal Conservative Party.

“I don’t know why he has it in pink writing,” Judey Adugna said. “I don’t know, it’s just amazing.”

Another passerby thought it was funny.

“It’s funny, I don’t know what to say about it,” Billy Shannon said. “They’re showing off what they believe in.”

Wells said he has driven the car, with the sign in place, to British Columbia and back, and said he’s had a good response.

On Sunday, he had a run-in with police – he was pulled over by RCMP just south of Leduc. He was given a $540 ticket for distraction when he refused to take the sign down.

“I will [take it down] if five judges on the Supreme Court tell me I have to remove it,” Wells said, adding he plans to challenge the ticket in court.

In Edmonton, EPS wouldn’t say whether he would get a ticket – a spokesperson saying it would likely be a warning.

With files from Joshua Skurnik