The Canadian Junior Hockey League Board of Directors has decided to support tough consequences for fighting.

The board voted to support the “one-fight” rule Thursday.

If a player fights, they will receive a five minute major and be immediately ejected from the game.

Five CJHL leagues including the SIJHL, NOJHL, OJHL, CCHL AND LHJAAAQ are already using the rule.

In the BCHL, AJHL, SJHL, MJHL and MHL a player who fights will get the five minute major for their first fight but will not be automatically ejected from the game. An ejection comes after the player’s second fight in those leagues.

The new rule would see all ten leagues operate under the automatic ejection policy.

“This is a move to endorse the adoption of the automatic game misconduct nationally,” said CJHL President Kirk Lamb.

“This was done as part of our normal review of regular rules and regulations, but also recognition of the changing culture of the game, the changing appetite of some of this type of behaviours,” added Lamb.

The endorsement comes after numerous high profile injuries.

“There’s no real reason for these guys to fight more than once a game when most of them are going to be going on to NCAA careers anyway where there is no fighting in college hockey down in the states,” explained TSN 1260 host Dustin Nielson.

The CJHL must get approval from Hockey Canada before the rules go into effect.