Edmonton Police said Tuesday that a convicted sexual offender was going to live in the city, and there were reasonable grounds to believe he could offend again.

Police said Robert Major, 49, will live in the Edmonton-area – and police are seeking a recognizance order on him, and he will be closely monitored by the EPS Behavioural Assessment Unit.

EPS said there are grounds to believe he will commit another sexual offence against a female, including children, while in the community.

Major is under a number of court ordered conditions, including:

  • Curfew of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily
  • Cannot travel outside of the city of Edmonton without permission from his supervisor
  • Cannot purchase, possess or consume alcohol or drugs, including marijuana
  • Can’t enter establishments where the main source of income is derived from sale or consumption of alcohol
  • Must not associate with anyone who does or could have a criminal record, without written approval from his supervisor
  • Must not buy or possess children’s or women’s undergarments
  • Must not be in, near or around places where children under the age of 18 are likely to be (such as schools, daycare centres, parks, pools, or recreational centres) unless accompanied by an approved adult
  • Cannot be around children unless accompanied by an approved adult who is aware of his criminal history
  • He must not own, view or possess any materials that depict children, in any state of dress

Anyone with information about any possible breaches of these conditions is asked to call EPS at 780-423-4567.

Major is described as:

  • 170 cm (5’7”) tall
  • 52 kg (115 lbs)
  • Hazel eyes
  • Black hair

The warning was issued after EPS carefully deliberated issues, including privacy concerns; in the belief it is in the public’s interest to inform members of the community.

In addition, it is meant to allow citizens to take precautions, but is not meant to encourage any type of vigilante action.