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Do COVID-19 rapid tests work on Omicron?

A recent study revealed that COVID-19 rapid antigen tests may be less sensitive to newer variants, leaving some to wonder just how accurate these tests actually are. Experts share how to get the most accurate results when testing for the virus.

Key report into Johnson's 'partygate' to be published

A highly-anticipated report into the British government's 'partygate' coronavirus lockdown scandal that could determine Prime Minister Boris Johnson's political fortunes is set to be published this week, after months of delay.

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How concerned should we be about monkeypox?

Global health officials have sounded the alarm over rising cases in Europe and elsewhere of monkeypox, a type of viral infection more common to west and central Africa. Here's what we know about the current outbreak and the relative risk.

78,000 pounds of infant formula arrives in U.S.

A military plane carrying enough specialty infant formula for more than half a million baby bottles arrived Sunday in Indianapolis, the first of several flights expected from Europe aimed at relieving a shortage that has sent parents scrambling to find enough to feed their children.