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Under China's 'zero COVID,' uncertainty reigns and unsettles

In the wake of a wave of public anger not seen for decades, the government announced Wednesday that it would relax some of the most onerous restrictions. But perhaps now more than ever, Chinese people face a confusing mass of measures, as local officials struggle to balance the latest policy directives with the fear of an uncontrolled outbreak.

A view from the sealed-off back seat of a car used to ferry Leah Zhang to a quarantine hotel in Chongqing autonomous region. (Leah Zhang via AP)

China eases anti-COVID-19 measures following protests

China rolled back rules on isolating people with COVID-19 and dropped virus test requirements for some public places Wednesday in a dramatic change to a strategy that confined millions of people to their homes and sparked protests and demands for President Xi Jinping to resign.

Beijing drops COVID testing burden as wider easing beckons

Residents of China's capital were allowed into parks, supermarkets, offices and airports without a negative COVID-19 test on Tuesday, the latest in a mix of easing steps nationwide after unprecedented protests against a tough zero-COVID policy.

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Putin calls nuclear weapons a tool of deterrence in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday hailed the annexation of Ukrainian territories as a major achievement and said his country's nuclear weapons serve as a tool of deterrence in the war that the Kremlin calls a 'special military operation.'