EDMONTON -- Activists are showing support for the ongoing protests in Chile by hanging a banner from Edmonton's High Level Bridge and a planned rally tonight.

A banner reading "human rights violated in Chile" was suspended from the High Level Bridge early Tuesday morning, though it's not clear who put it there.

A national general strike was planned for Tuesday as workers in the South American country continue to demand changes.  

The Memoria Viva Society of Edmonton is planning a rally for this evening in a show of solidarity with the workers.

"The Chilean repressive forces have been responsible for deaths, injuries, rapes, and unlawful arrest of people including minors. Many protesters have disappeared and their whereabouts unaccounted for," reads the group's website.

It's asking those coming tonight to wear bandages to cover one of their eyes in reference to the government's use of rubber bullets on demonstrators that has left some of them blinded.

The South American country has seen violent unrest for the past month after a subway fare hike sparked protests that grew into a large political movement seeking a broad range of changes to deal with inequality.

Last week, Chilean President Sebastian Piñera announced tougher security measures to incresae security and toughen sanctions for vandalism.

Most protests have been peaceful, but some have turned violent with daily clashes between police and demonstrators. There have been cases of arson and looting.

At least 20 people have died in the unrest.

With files from the Associated Press