Edmonton had it's warmest day of 2017 (so far) on Thursday.
The high of 16.5c was JUST warmer than the 16.4c that the city hit on Feb 15.
That's probably the warmest day we'll see for a while as some cooler air is set to drop in over the next 5-10 days.
Still above average today.
But, we'll be closer to 10 than 15 through the weekend & most of next week.

Showers moved through the Edmonton area Thursday evening and rain continues in parts of Northern Alberta this morning.
We'll see some more rain move into the Capital Region THIS evening.
This time, it may stick around a little longer.
There's still some uncertainty over precip type & the exact location of where the rain band will stall.
But, it looks like we'll get some rain moving south to north across Central and North-Central Alberta late this afternoon & this evening.

The Red Deer region gets a chance of showers this afternoon.  By 6-9pm...that rain pushes north into the Edmonton-to-Westlock area.
Further west, we'll have some wet snow falling in the foothills.

The rain band probably stretches west to east across the province by this evening.
Overnight, most of the precipitation likely pushes just north of Edmonton.
The rain turns to snow or a rain/snow mix in the Grande Prairie/Whitecourt/Smoky Lake/Bonnyville regions.
Saturday sees that precipitation push back southward.  Edmonton gets a chance of showers or rain/snow mix, especially in the morning.
By Saturday afternoon...the precipitation will taper off or move out (for most areas).
That scenario is the RPM's solution to the precipitation question.
The GEM model keeps the rain over Edmonton tonight & right into Saturday morning.  Then, just cloudy in the afternoon.

So...what do I think will happen?
I think we WILL get some showers or periods of rain in/near Edmonton this evening & possibly overnight.
There's a good chance we still have some showers or rain/snow mix in or near Edmonton Saturday morning.
Most of the precipitation should be done & out of the Capital Region by Saturday afternoon.

I'll have more on that scenario later today as the situation develops...

Here's the Edmonton forecast:

Today - Mostly cloudy.
High:  13

Tonight - 60% chance of showers or periods of rain this evening & overnight.
Evening:  6

Saturday - 60% chance of showers or rain/snow mix in the morning.  
Cloudy with a 40% chance of showers or a rain/snow mix in the afternoon.
Morning Low:  2
Afternoon High:  8

Sunday - Mix of sun & cloud.
Morning Low:  -2
Afternoon High:  10

Monday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  1
Afternoon High:  11

Tuesday - Mostly cloudy.  30% chance of showers.
Morning Low:  -2
Afternoon High:  10

Wednesday - Partly cloudy.
Morning Low:  -1
Afternoon High:  10