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Edmonton's airport joins international plan to increase green shipping over Pacific Ocean


Edmonton International Airport (YEG) has promised to help increase green shipping between Canada and key ports in Asia and the Middle East.

During the United Nations COP28 conference, the airport signed a memorandum of understanding with ports on Canada's west coast as well as Korea, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Led by Transport Canada, their goal is to bolster international green shipping corridors and decarbonize the marine sector.

The collaborators will be working to create at least six green corridors by 2025 and increase the number of ships on those routes by 2030.

"A lot of goods that move don't just move in an airplane; they move by a ship to Prince Rupert and train to Edmonton and then they end up on an airplane. They may have come to Edmonton and end up on a train to Prince Rupert and then on a boat to somewhere," YEG president and CEO Myron Keehn told CTV News Edmonton of the airport's involvement on Monday.

YEG, which has a goal to be net zero by 2040, is the only Canadian airport to sign on to the agreement.

"One of our core values is sustainability and doing things in the right way, we think, is important," Keehn said.

But, he added, the airport also recognizes that customers increasingly want to reduce their carbon footprint.

"So how do we provide what passengers are looking for, but also how do we help our ecosystem partners? Because no one does anything alone in aviation. When you come to an airport, usually about 12 different organizations help that one airplane fly."

He said the airport does not "see a need" to increase flight prices or fees because of the work.

YEG has undertaken other green initiatives, including plans for a 112-megawatt solar farm, using hydrogen vehicles at the airport, and swapping boilers for cogeneration.

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