EDMONTON -- An award-winning Edmonton singer has written a song inspired by her feelings after the death of George Floyd. Ruth B’s new single called “If I Have A Son” is getting thousands of views online and also raising money for charity. She says it’s one of the most honest and heartfelt songs she’s ever written.

Her message about fighting racism and coming together is something she says is more important than ever.

“I always say with this song, as much it was a reaction to the murder of George Floyd and wha not, I think those feelings are something I’ve struggled with for a long time, issues my friends and Ihave talked about forever.”

Ruth B used pictures from acclaimed photographer Flo Ngala that were taken at a Black Lives Matter rally in New York.

“When she sent them over, I just thought she did an incredible job capturing the moment, and the song. All the signs and the posters were very much how I was feeling so I just thought if I was putting together some sort of visual it would be a perfect kind of capturing this moment in time,” she said.

Ruth B also attended Edmonton’s Black Lives Matter rally in June.

“Being from Edmonton and seeing that many people gathered to fight for such an amazing cause was really inspiring.”

She’s now hoping to inspire people with her music. She has over one billion streams of her songs including her international hit “Lost Boy” and is finding that using her platform is an effective way to bring about change and talk about issues that she cares passionately about.

“For me now, it’s become very much at the forefront of my mind to say the things that matter and use my voice, and my music and my ability to get to people in that way.”

Proceeds from “If I Have A Son” will be given to different organizations including Black Youth Helpline, Hope Ethiopia, Campaign Zero, and True North

“All I wanted to do is kind of help out and get people to understand and if it doing that, it’s doing its job,” she said.