EDMONTON -- An Edmonton book-lover is taking her passion for literature on the road.

For the past two years, Brandi Morpurgo has been driving her mobile book store all over central Alberta.

“I used to doodle it and I used to pretend and I used to have this kind of ‘what if, someday’ kind of idea about it,” Morpurgo told CTV News Edmonton.

“I was working in a book store and I just kept thinking, ‘oh my gosh, I would do it like this and I would do that,’ and I just thought ‘OK, if I don’t do it, it won’t exist,’” she said. 

Based out of Edmonton, Morpurgo’s Daisy Chain Book Co. book truck is the only book shop on wheels in the province. 

The mobile book store will be making its home at the 124 Grand Market, Thursdays and Sundays, all summer.

Daisy Chain Book Company

“I think it’s amazing because we have the same taste in books,” one customer told CTV News Edmonton at Thursday’s market.

“It was excellent,” said another customer. “She has so many selections of new and used books.”

Morpurgo’s book truck holds about 2,200 titles of different varieties.

Stories for both young and old can be found inside Morpurgo’s bookmobile. 

She sources her books from donations, publishers and even her own collection.

For Morpurgo running her own mobile book store is a labour of love.

“When I see them react I almost want to react back like ‘I know!’ It’s just, it’s so fun to offer that to them as a unique book-shopping experience, that for a lot of them, they’ve never been in a book truck before or anything similar.”