Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York, one Edmontonian is flying out east to help with relief efforts.

Ernie Eves is a Canadian Red Cross volunteer from Edmonton, who was sent to New York on Friday as part of a group of more than a dozen volunteers from across Canada helping with American aid and relief efforts.

“I will be in the distribution centre which will have to do with distributing goods to people who need it,” Eves told CTV News on Friday at the Edmonton International Airport before his departure.

Eves has been volunteering for the Red Cross for about two years and has helped in a number of local emergency response situations. He says he’s excited and nervous to help with Sandy relief efforts.

“Anytime you’re going into something that you’re not fully aware of what you’re going into, it’s a little exciting,” Eves said.

“I’m looking forward to it. It should be a really good experience.”

There are currently more than 5,000 people with the Red Cross in New York helping provide food, water, shelter, blankets and hygiene kits.

Eves is among more than 12 Canadians assisting in the state.

He plans on being in New York for about three weeks.

Those who would like to help with relief efforts are asked to donate to the Red Cross' Hurricane Sandy fund.

Meanwhile on Saturday, more than 420,000 people in New Jersey and the New York City area remain without power.

A gasoline shortage caused by Sandy has also forced gasoline rationing – the first in New York since the 1970s.