City councillors have begun the process of combing through the numbers of city departments, as part of budget deliberations – and their first order of business was utilities.

A number of services were reviewed Tuesday, including waste, to sewage and more.

Councillors approved an increase in fees for waste management, sanitary drainage, and storm water – which adds up to an average increase of about $47 next year.

“If I say you have to accept the cost, but here’s what you get and nobody else gets it,” Councillor Bryan Anderson said.

The city said as a result of the increase, Edmontonians will see a more consistent trash collection schedule.

The winter pickup schedule will be scrapped – meaning trash collection will take place on the same day each week.

“Throughout the year, on the same day every week your garbage and your recyclables will be collected, there will be no change in your schedule,” Roy Neehall with the City of Edmonton Waste and Drainage Department said.

The new collection schedule will go into effect on February 5.

Edmontonians have seen a 25 percent increase in waste fees in the last three years.

With files from Serena Mah