Six years ago, the Edmonton Police Service launched Curb the Danger, a program for drivers to report possible impaired drivers on the road – and police are crediting the program for helping keep thousands of impaired drivers off the road.

Police said since the program started, 52,000 calls from the public have been made – and as a result, 5,026 drivers have been charged, and removed from city streets – in addition to more than 1,500 24-hour suspensions were invoked, and more than 8,500 letters were sent to registered owners after police weren’t able to intercept them.

Last month alone, 664 calls were made, as a result, police intercepted 217 drivers, and laid 61 impaired driving charges.

EPS outlined a few points for drivers who suspect another driver may be impaired, and asked drivers to keep an eye on certain erratic behaviours:

  • Speeding up or slowing down unexpectedly, swerving, changing lanes frequently or driving on one side of a lane
  • Ignoring traffic signals, sitting at stop signs for extended periods, stopping or starting suddenly
  • Driving without care and caution, or apparently oblivious to current weather or road conditions

Edmontonians can report impaired drivers as part of the Curb the Danger program by calling 911, and reporting the location, description and license plate number of the vehicle in question.

Police said calling 911 in an emergency, or to report an impaired driver, is allowed under the distracted driving law.