An unnamed friend of the family tells CTV News the father of two young boys discovered their lifeless bodies inside a Millet home where police are currently investigating two suspicious deaths.

A friend of the family, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the boys' father, found his children in the home's bathtub Monday afternoon.

Officers were called to a residence in the community near 52 St. and 51 Ave. around 3:30 p.m. after the bodies were found.

Post-mortem examinations are scheduled to take place Tuesday on the two bodies. Police have not confirmed the age or gender of the victims.

The anonymous friend also tells CTV News the boys' mother had tried to kill herself by jumping off a bridge in Edmonton later that same day. Friends have identified the victims as two-and-a-half-year-old Connor and 10-month-old Jayden McConnell, the children of Curtis and Allyson McConnell.

Neighbours say the couple was separated and Allyson was planning a return to Australia.

The family friend says the couple was married in Australia in 2007, but moved back to Alberta before their first son was born.

CTV News also learned Allyson had recently hired a lawyer, as she was looking to take her children back to Australia with her. In an affidavit filed in court, Curtis writes his wife had been threatening him, and that she wants to move back to Australia with their children. Curtis also noted," I am fearful she will attempt to do this without my consent or knowledge."

A statement of defence indicates that Allyson had "limited family contacts in Alberta". It also notes the woman would be entitled to significant government financial support should she return to Australia. The documents reveal that Curtis had moved out of the family home at the end of December.

A judge had not made a final decision on the case, but did rule that the children should remain in Alberta for the time being.

Possible Edmonton Connection

Police have confirmed a vehicle found in a south Edmonton parking lot, also on Monday, has ties to the Millet investigation.

Friends say the mother's vehicle looks similar to the one that was surrounded by police, but investigators have yet to confirm how it's connected to the scene in Millet.

Graham and Holly Blakely say they are close friends with the boys' father. The couple is still trying to come to grips with the devastating news.

"I can't imagine how somebody could do something... little kids don't deserve treatment like that," said Holly.

Millet is located about 20 kilometres south of the Edmonton International Airport.

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