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Food bank donations over Heritage Festival weekend down from 2022


Edmonton's Food Bank says 14,400 kilograms of food was donated over the Heritage Festival weekend.

According to a spokesperson, that includes the 6,817 kilograms donated at the Heritage Days site, as well as food collected from fire halls and grocery stores.

In 2022, 22,716 kilograms of food was donated in the same weekend, with approximately 6,000 kilograms being collected at the Heritage Festival site.

The food bank is in dire need of donations, with demand increasing every year since 2020.

"In 2022 we budgeted roughly $2 million for spending on key food staples like flour, milk, and eggs. We ended up spending over $3 million. This year is trending upward yet again and our stocks are depleted. We need and appreciate your help," executive director Marjorie Bencz wrote in a statement.

You can donate to Edmonton's Food Bank online or at any City of Edmonton fire hall, or major grocery store.