The University of Alberta has launched an investigation after video surfaced allegedly showing members of Delta Kappa Epsilon abusing pledges over four days earlier this year.

CTV News obtained evidence that shows initiation rituals at the Delta Kappa Epsilon house in January, where pledges were swarmed, yelled at, called names and threatened with violence.

A source told CTV News the footage was secretly taken during a four-day hazing event. Pledges can be seen eating raw onions and being approached with paddles.

According to the University of Alberta's student newspaper, other more severe abuses included sleep deprivation, time spent in confined spaces and forcing students to eat their own vomit.

The fraternity's student group status has now been suspended indefinitely and lost some of its privileges.

"That includes the ability to book space on campus, the use of the university's institutional liquor and gaming licences, the use of the university's name and insignia," said University of Alberta's Dean of Students Frank Robinson.

Any potential hazing victims or anyone involved in hazing activities have been encouraged to contact the Dean of Students, campus security or the Interfraternity Council.