Morgan Wiens doesn’t even know who the woman was, but she did get a quick look at the man who appeared to be targeting the pedestrian as she walked in front of Wien’s home in the neighbourhood of 119 Avenue and 87 street.

It was the middle of the day. Wednesday afternoon at around 3 p.m.

A man walked through her neighbour's yard as she watched from a window. She says he had a camouflage coloured mask on top of his head and was watching the woman walk as he came up from the back alley toward the front sidewalk.

"He was waiting for her to get closer and when she got closer, he pulled down his mask, and pulled down his pants and was about to pursue her," said Morgan.

She doesn’t think the woman had any idea the exposed, masked man was there.

"I opened up the window and yelled at him to get his attention, and yelled 'Hey' to the woman."

"He flipped me off and pulled up his pants and started running to the back alley where his vehicle was parked."

Morgan says the masked man appeared to be white, short and heavy-set, and that he fled in a black Jeep Patriot. A surveillance camera in the neighbourhood shows such a vehicle in the same alley on that day and time.

Morgan says she doesn’t even know who the woman was. She only stopped momentarily and then continued walking down the street.

"This is in broad daylight at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It amazes me, it shocks me."

Police confirm that an investigation is underway, but they are not able to give any additional details.