The Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed another case of E. coli in Alberta – and they’re connecting the case to the XL Foods investigation.

On Wednesday, officials posted on the agency’s website that lab tests had drawn a connection from this illness, to the massive food safety investigation at XL Foods.

According to the website, the patient became sick in mid-October, and is recovering.

This latest case brings the total number of cases of E. coli in Alberta to 8.

Ten other cases have been confirmed in other provinces, one in Newfoundland and Labrador, six in Quebec and three in British Columbia.

All of those cases have been connected to the strain of the foodborne illness found in the XL Foods Inc. processing plant in Brooks, Alberta.

The plant had been closed on September 27, after the CFIA began issuing health hazard alerts on E. coli in some beef products in mid-September.

After intense scrutiny from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the plant was allowed to resume operations in late October.