There are conflicting reports about what happened on the campaign trail in Edmonton-Castle Downs this weekend, with the riding's P.C. candidate and a constituent offering different versions of an alleged physical attack.

Police were called out to a residence in the area of 167th Avenue and 98th Street Saturday afternoon after Thomas Lukazuk told them he was assaulted by a homeowner while he was out doorknocking.

"The moment the door opened the gentleman realized who I was and started pushing and shoving me and punching me with an open fist," said the candidate, who is seeking his fourth term. "[He] punched me in my upper chest and shoulder and threatened to kick me in my crotch number of times."

But Al Michulchuk disagrees with that account, saying Lukaszuk was aggressive and refused to move on.

"He was asked repeatedly – probably 6,7,8 times - to leave, and he wouldn't leave," said the 67-year-old, who has a sign on his lawn indicating he supports Wildrose candidate John Oplanich. "For him to harass me like this is not warranted, it's uncalled for."

Michulchuk admits he tried to physically remove the former education minister from his door step, but denies trying to cause significant harm.

"I grabbed him by the sweater and turned him around and started pushing him off my property."

The north-end resident also tells CTV News he's had repeated problems with Lukaszuk in the past, something the Tory also denies.

Police are now investigating the incident. The politician says he's provided a full statement, and will let officers decide whether charges are warranted.

With Files from Sean Amato