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'Just so proud': Ukrainian newcomers celebrate restaurant grand opening in Edmonton


After months of hopping from kitchen to kitchen, a group of Ukrainian newcomers now has a space to call its own.

"It can be here. That part of Ukraine, we can create it here," said newcomer Lilia Vovk.

With some handmade perogies and a scoop of sour cream, that's exactly what Ukraine's Kitchen aims to do.

"This is a way for them to really, I think, succeed here in Canada and share everything that's so great about their culture. And I get to try the food, so it's great," co-founder Jorgia Moore said with a laugh.

She believes Ukraine's Kitchen is the first of its kind in Canada.

It's run entirely by Ukrainian newcomers who left everything behind when Russia invaded more than a year ago.

"I didn't remember what I feel. I tried to forget because it was terrible," Vovk recalls.

What has helped her: finding community and the kindness of Edmontonians.

Ukraine's Kitchen started in January as a pop up in the Cook County Kitchen.

Now, the cooks have their own space at Butcher and Packers on Fort Road.

"It's likely the biggest accomplishment I've ever done in my life. To be able to help these people, their hearts are on their sleeve, just coming in here makes me feel better," said owner Scott Kelly.

His feeling is shared by dozens of others, who lined up out the door for opening day.

"They are running a kitchen basically on their own. I'm just so proud," Moore said.

"We hope people look at us and see that this is possible here," Vovk said.

More information about Ukraine's Kitchen is available on their website. Top Stories

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