Canada Post has resumed delivering mail to an Edmonton man’s home, weeks after suddenly cutting him off.

Jarrett Kucy told CTV News his mail delivery suddenly stopped three weeks ago – he waited two weeks to inquire, and the first time he called, Canada Post claimed to not know what had happened.

Then, on Thursday, he received a call from Canada Post, and an official notice, explaining that delivery had stopped because his front step is too high.

The notice stated the stair rise could be a maximum height of 200 millimetres, or 8 inches.

His first step measures 11 inches, or 28 centimetres. He said it has been that way since he moved in 9 years ago.

“I can understand if they say it’s an issue someone doing this repetitively over and over and it’s going to be hard on his knees, fine,” Kucy said. “Why did it take them two and a half weeks for them to tell us this was an issue? Why did we have to go to them and ask them? Why aren’t we getting our mail?”

Earlier Friday, Kucy had been told by Canada Post to call them back on Monday.

CTV News contacted Canada Post for comment, and spoke to Kucy at his home.

About 90 minutes after the CTV News crew left Kucy’s home Friday, Canada Post issued the following statement:

“We met with the customer today and have found a solution to ensure the safety of our people. Now that the concern has been addressed, mail delivery has resumed.”

Kucy’s solution to the issue was to place 10 centimetre tall (4 inch) bricks in front of his steps – he purchased the bricks Thursday night.

Also after CTV News left, Kucy said two Canada Post supervisors showed up at his home, approved the bricks, and delivered his mail.

“According to them, they were only at fault for one day, there was this big gap of the three weeks where nobody knew anything,” Kucy said, in an interview later Friday. “Nobody was at fault but us in their minds.

“We found out yesterday, fixed it last night, today everything’s good. Really, who is this on?”

With files from Dan Grummett