EDMONTON -- The 26-year-old man charged with stabbing another man at the South Campus LRT Station in September 2018 pleaded guilty Wednesday.

According to the agreed statement of facts, then 24-year-old Mario Bigchild stabbed the victim five times in the chest and torso on Sept. 18 just after 7:30 a.m.

Before the attack, the two were chatting while waiting for the northbound train to arrive, and surveillance video "does not show any indication of a dispute or signs of aggression."

Later Bigchild would tell police he stabbed him because the man was "a predator," which Bigchild determined "based on a look in a nearby woman's eyes," the agreed statement of facts reads.

In that same interview, Bigchild said he was high on meth when he committed the offences.

Another person pulled Bigchild away from the victim, and the accused fled, the agreed statement of facts reads — and adds the man stabbed received open heart surgery and made a full recovery.

Bigchild then went into the Petro Canada at 57 Avenue and 111 Street just before 8 a.m., punched the store clerk in the face and demanded money and cigarettes, got approximately $100 and fled, according to the agreed statement of facts.

The man then got into a Cadillac XTS with a woman inside and grabbed her, but the woman broke free and got out of the vehicle. Bigchild drove away.

The agreed statement of facts says the Cadillac had a location device, so the Edmonton Police Service contacted the company and traced the vehicle, which was located in the area of 178 Street and 106A Avenue.

At 8:30 a.m., Sgt. Gary Benoit saw Bigchild walking towards the vehicle in a parking lot, approached him and told him he was under arrest. The agreed statement of facts says Bigchild cooperated at first; however, after attempting to run away once, the officer cuffed his right wrist and Bigchild got out from underneath, a fight broke out, and he fled into a field.

The EPS Canine Unit was then deployed, and after a struggle with a service dog, Bigchild was eventually arrested, the agreed statement of facts said.

When he was arrested, Bigchild had a Petro Canada bag with money and cigarettes in it, and the knife he used in the LRT stabbing was found in the tunnel on the northbound track, where surveillance video showed Bigchild running. The victim's DNA was on the knife, the agreed statement of facts says.

A day earlier, Bigchild robbed the Husky on 107 Avenue with a knife in hand, the agreed statement of facts says. He fled the gas station with $500 and the robbery was caught on camera.

That same day, Bigchild went into a concession kiosk at the Kingsway LRT station, threatened the clerk and got $67.75. There is no security footage of the second robbery, but ETS video shows Bigchild in the area before and after it.

Bigchild pleaded guilty to the robberies and stabbing, fleeing police and attempting to steal the officer's weapon.

His next court appearance is on June 19.