EDMONTON -- A pedophile who was released over the summer on bail after being charged for allegedly harassing two boys in a park was arrested for child abduction on Tuesday.

Police say they found 52-year-old Curtis Allan Poburan with a child and two imitation firearms. 

"It was reported that the male was attempting to lure a 10-year-old boy away from the area, offering him a vape," said Det. Rob Davis with Edmonton Police Service Child Protection Section. 

Officers found the convicted offender and the child at a shopping complex near the park the minor was taken from, in the area of 177 Street and 69 Avenue. 

The boy was not physically harmed and is receiving help from the Zebra Child Advocacy Centre, police said.

Poburan was arrested without incident and charged with abduction of a child under the age of 14 years, criminal harassment, and a handful of other offences related to imitation and concealed weapons and breach of probation.


The alleged incident happened about six months after Poburan was released on bail and a month after he was put on probation. 

Poburan is a diagnosed pedophile with a history of sexual offences against children, police have said. 

When he was released in July, he was to be supervised by a bail officer while in public and prohibited from visiting park and swimming areas, or talking to anyone under the age of 16 without permission. The July incident resulted in two charges of criminal harassment, one of which was withdrawn and the other was sentenced in mid-December. 

Before his release, police issued warnings to the public that Poburan was considered high risk to reoffend. 

"It's extremely frustrating," Davis commented. "Our children are the most vulnerable complainants that we have." 

A Zebra Centre spokesperson Brooklyn Alcock added, "It's definitely heartbreaking to see that this person did that again." 

Her agency helps children and non-offending caregivers through investigations, the judicial process, and after care. 

Both Alcock and Davis thanked the good samaritan who initially called police. 

"You don't always have to be right to make a report, but in this situation, we were able to help that child," Alcock commented. 

"It's really important to just foster those conversations with your child about safety and personal boundaries, and if something doesn't feel right, to make sure you come forward and talk to somebody that you trust." 

Anyone else with information about a related incident or who feels they were victimized were asked to contact investigators at 780-423-4567.

Davis said, "We believe the accused may have been in other areas of the city and may have been doing the same luring in other parks or areas."