Classes at a west end playschool had to be cancelled Monday morning, after staff discovered thieves had broken in and stolen a number of electronics overnight.

A teacher at Lessard Community League Playschool said she arrived at the facility located at 57 Avenue and 174 Street Monday morning to find the doors open.

Inside, she found the school was a mess, and several electronics were missing – including a TV, an iPod, music player and a camera.

CTV News has learned the stolen items had been bought through fundraising.

“It’s just really disheartening because it’s really a fun place to be, and it’s sad that a place that gives back to the community is somewhere this happens to,” Teacher Sherri Hallett said. “So the kids are a little bit wondering why a bad guy was at our play school, so I hope that we’ve talked about it and that they’ll feel safe here.”

Teachers at the school said they also found drug paraphernalia inside the school.

Police were called, and the school was deemed safe for classes Monday afternoon.

School officials said they have insurance, but it’s not clear if all of the stolen items are covered.