Officials have issued an evacuation alert for parts of Mackenzie County after a wildfire in the area intensified.

A notice from the county cites high temperature and winds coupled with low humidity and limited cloud cover for the alert.

Those in the affected area should be prepared to leave on short notice.

"Everybody keep calm," said Mackenzie County Reeve Josh Knelsen in a Facebook video. "It's just a reminder to keep your vehicle gassed up, and [have] a plan in place for your pets." 

Knelsen noted that in the past, wildfires have moved over 20 kilometres within a day. 

"Be calm, be patient, be alert and keep praying for rain," said Knelsen.

The areas under alert include: 

  • West of Range Road 154
  • North of Highway 697 to south of Township Road 1050
  • La Crete Ferry Campground
  • Hamlet of La Crete