Ford Hall at Rogers Place was filled by Oilers fans on Saturday for the team's second annual "Oilers Fans Day."

Those who went were able to watch the team practice and check out Oilers artifacts.

They also had opinions about the team's new third jersey.

"When I first (saw) them, I was a bit hesitant," Kyle Rowe told CTV News Edmonton.

"I didn't really like them, but now seeing them in person, I kind of—they're starting to grow on me."

Alberto Gansan called them bold.

"You don't really see that in other NHL teams other than the stadium series jerseys. It kind of sticks out."

He added: "But for the Oilers to rock those kind of jerseys for this season, it's actually pretty sick."

On Sunday, the Oilers will also host a scrimmage, free to the public attend, at the Downtown Community Arena at 11:30 a.m.

Players participating in the team's training camp will take part in the game.

Dressing room attendant Joey Moss will also be there to award the Joey Moss Cup to the winning team.

The Oilers start their pre-season by hosting the Winnipeg Jets on Monday. The new jerseys also go on sale that day.