Critics of the Alberta government’s proposed Education Act gathered at the legislature on Wednesday to protest the bill.

Bill 8 was introduced earlier this month to replace the existing School Act, and covers everything from school attendance to district boundaries and trustee voting.

But opposition members said Bill 8 does not provide the same provisions for gay-straight alliances as previous legislation, and could out gay students and members of GSAs, potentially exposing them to harm.

“This isn't an act about transformation of the education system. This is clearly an act to destroy GSAs and that has been the main response we've gotten from members of the public,” said Sarah Hoffman, NDP MLA.

“I think the fact that people are coming out in large numbers speaks to how dangerous this proposed legislation is,” said Hoffman.

“GSAs save lives and queer kids need that protection and they need that support,” said one woman who brought her three young daughters to the rally.

“I explained it to the girls in language they might understand and we agreed that they’re never too little to stand up for what is right,” she added.

There have been several student protests since the new premier was elected including one in May where hundreds walked out of class in support of a system they claimed “didn’t need fixing.”

With files from Timm Bruch…