As cycling becomes a more popular method of transportation, the Alberta Motor Association has announced a new program offering roadside assistance for cyclists.

"It just makes sense," Don Szarko with the AMA tells CTV News.

"There are more people taking to the roads with bicycles. More and more people are riding bikes especially at this time of year."

The program is an extension of services for current AMA members.

Assistance is available for pedallers having bicycle problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"This gives you additional assurance that you won't be stranded if your bike happens to have a flat tire," Szarko said.

AMA will offer the following services for cyclists:

  • Deliver air for flat tires
  • Put on a chain that's come off
  • Tighten loose parts
  • Transport the member and bicycle to a repair facility

Several other motor associations across the country currently offer bike assist programs including those in Quebec, Manitoba, southern Ontario and B.C.

Szarko says the bike assist program in B.C. receives between 100-200 calls per year.

He says there is demand for the service, adding that more Albertans in particular are turning to pedal power, with Edmonton planning to install close to 500 kilometres of cycling lanes over the next ten years and Calgary investing in its own cycling strategy.

"We have to appreciate that cycling is becoming more prominent and there's just going to be more demand to be part of the road," Szarko said.