EDMONTON -- Drivers beware, EPCOR is about to start sewer work on Groat Road from 107 Avenue to 118 Avenue.

The trunk sewer line was originally built between 1953 and 1955, and it’s in need of repair. It collects large amounts of storm water runoff from northwest Edmonton.

"It has reached the end of its life and requires a rehabilitation, so we’ll be re-lining the storm line and that’s the reason these lane closures are needed," said EPCOR spokesperson Kelly Struski.

Drivers will see delays at 111 and 112 Avenue intersections as lanes are reduced.

It could take anywhere between eight and 10 weeks to complete the work if the weather cooperates.

"If we do see that snow melt or rain increases and the levels in that trunk line increase we will have to pause work for a period of time and let those levels recede," Struski said.

"We’ll be providing regular updates about the project and the traffic impacts as they will be changing as our work progresses," said Struski.

Struski said EPCOR hopes to move the work to overnight starting in April.

"During the day we’ll have steel plates over all of those work sites we’ll be able to open all lanes of traffic for the morning and afternoon rush hour."

The sewer rehabilitation will begin on Monday.  

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson.