At 11-years-old, Sebastian Reinhart is mixing his way to the top. The young Sylvan Lake resident is set to open for rapper Madchild in Red Deer, on Thursday.

“I’m excited because there's going to be a lot of people watching me.”

Reinhart is known on the stage as DJ Sabatoge. He has been in the business for two years, usually mixing pop and hip hop in his shows.

But Sabatoge is also a talented hip hop dancer. He uses that to his advantage, putting a spin on his shows.

“I have the talent of dance too, so why not put it and show everyone else and make it more fun for them,” Reinhart said.

His dance instructor at Pound It Hip Hop in Red Deer introduced him to the world of DJing, giving him his first mixer, and a few lessons so he could get started in the industry. He’s played at birthday parties, school events including dances, company events and more.

His family said he’s earned all of his accomplishments.

“He knows it doesn't come easy and he's worked hard for this and it's nice to say he's kind of getting recognized,” said his mom Kim.

She also said at dances a lot of boys will join him on the dance floor, and dancing with him during his shows.

“He’s a quiet boy, but when he gets in the zone it really brings out his true personality,”

Her son saved his birthday money to purchase new equipment, and made over $1,000 dancing at the Sylvan Lake Market to pay his own way to attend hip hop camp.

He also went to a competition in New York, where he was the only Canadian to make it into the semi-finals.

While being a DJ started as a hobby, he has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

“It just makes me feel good.”

The show is at Scott Block Theatre Thursday, and DJ Sabatoge opens at 7:30 p.m.