Two teenaged boys charged in a case of assault on a younger boy in Oct. 2011 appeared in a Leduc courtroom Friday for sentencing – and both avoided jail time.

In court, both boys admitted that the 12-year-old boy they targeted was forced to drink alcohol, and was punched and burned, and his hair was shaved off in the ordeal that happened in October, 2011.

One of the accused pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and assault with a weapon, while the other pleaded guilty to assault.

Court also heard that the second teen arrived after the abuse started and played a more minor role.

The 15-year-old boys were both given probationary sentences, one received one year, the other, eight months.

In addition, both teens will have to write a letter of apology to the victim, and perform community service.

When Judge Michael Savaryn gave his decision, he spoke directly to the teen identified as the main instigator, saying “I am in no way minimizing the horrific things that were done.”

Because both boys pleaded guilty, a number of other charges were dropped; neither are allowed to contact the victim or each other.

With files from Bill Fortier