Edmonton's mayor took the opportunity during an event in Edmonton to tell the premier city council won't request funding for the new arena until the province has dealt with more pressing issues.

Stephen Mandel spoke to Premier Ed Stelmach Friday, saying the city will wait to ask for $100 million for the new downtown arena district until the province has fulfilled its obligation to help with recovery efforts in parts of the province struck by wildfires and flooding.

"I think the arena is important to me but [there are] issues of people getting back into their homes, and issues that I think are far more important to citizens," mayor Stephen Mandel said Friday. "[Those issues] would negate me coming forward with an application or a letter on an arena at this point in time."

This comes days after a spokesman for the premier told CTV News the province is open to funding infrastructure related to the new arena – but not the arena directly.

At the event Friday Stelmach mentioned the province hasn't ruled out helping financially to build a new home for the Oilers and other special events in the city, but the decision is up to all of cabinet.

"This will be a decision made not just by the premier but by cabinet," Ed Stelmach said. "We're speculating because I don't even know what may be in the letter and the documents that support their proposal."

The city is looking to other levels of government to fill a $100 million gap in funding before the new arena can be built. Earlier this month, the city and the Katz group reached a framework agreement on the arena plan.

That agreement solidified several points regarding the arena, including the funding model.