A tornado briefly touched down in the small community of Heisler Friday, Environment Canada confirms, causing minor damage to some property before breaking up.

Residents said it touched down around 6:30  p.m. after heavy rain and small hail ripped through the area.

Sara Wolbeck, who lives in Heisler, said she could see a funnel cloud from her home just north of the village. She said the tornado hovered for about two minutes before breaking up.

"We were thinking about going into the basement but it went away pretty quick," Wolbeck said. "It was spinning the dust around so it was pretty black."

Brian Matthiessen said the tornado ripped apart the fencing in his field before moving onto his brother's property.

Matthiessen said fortunately the tornado appeared to lift off the ground just as it moved onto his brother's land.

Heisler is about 95 kilometres southeast of Edmonton.