RCMP said two caregivers had been charged in connection to the 2014 death of a 4-year-old child they had been looking after.

Police said Brenda Rabbit, 56, and Clyde Rabbit, 55, had been charged jointly with one count of failing to provide the necessaries of life in connection to circumstances Serenity Rabbit lived in while under their care.

Serenity Rabbit died in an Edmonton hospital at the end of September, 2014, after she was admitted with a head injury.

“There is no doubt in my mind, and I’m sure in yours as well, that this is a very difficult time for the family and the community of Serenity Rabbit,” EPS Chief Superintendent George Stephensen said Friday. “The RCMP is committed to conducting thorough and exhaustive investigations, while at the same time is respectful of the judicial process inherent in matters such as the one which bring us here today.”

The two accused are scheduled to appear in court November 9 in Wetaskiwin.