EDMONTON -- A beer delivery joke between two Edmonton companies turned into a fundraiser for Edmonton's Food Bank, and created a much-needed boost in business.

In April, local beer company Sea Change Brewing joked that it would use a forklift to deliver to anyone who bought an entire pallet of beer.

"We did not expect anyone to take us up on that," said Ian McIntosh, owner of Sea Change Brewing Co.

"We knew that they were posting it as a joke," said Nate Box from Highlands Liquor. "But also, I don't know, it's fun to call people out on stuff sometimes."

Highlands Liquor ordered 100 flats — 2,400 cans of beer — and Sea Change decided to keep its word. The owners and brewer borrowed a small, pink forklift and made the 10 kilometre trip.

Dubbed 'Operation precious cargo', the trip took about an hour, and was documented with video and posted to social media. It also included a cameo from Mayor Don Iveson.

While the video and delivery were meant as a gag, the beer order was real and helpful. Sea Change was hit hard financially when the pandemic hit and bars and restaurants that served beer were shut down.

"Our business was essentially wiped out, I had to lay off about 20 people, and we were worried that we weren't going to make it," said McIntosh.

The owner of Highlands Liquor says he saw it as a way to help prop up another local business.

"We've loved supporting those guys through and through," said Box.

Both businesses agreed since that the stunt would likely draw attention, a portion of the beer sales should go to Edmonton's Food Bank.

"It just seemed like a natural fit," said McIntosh. "We all just sort of arrived at that simultaneously."

A few beers were lost due to potholes, so the forklift delivery is likely a one-time thing. Sea Change plans to stick to trucks for future deliveries.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Bill Fortier.