EDMONTON -- The City of Leduc is buzzing over a new pilot program that participants will soon be able to get cracking on.

The Backyard Hens and Bees pilot program will allow a handful of Leduc residents to keep bees and hens in their backyards to produce eggs or honey for personal consumption.

Applications for the pilot will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis beginning March 30. Only three to five residents will be allowed to keep bees and three to five residents will be allowed to keep hens, but they cannot apply for both programs.

There isn't a fee for participants in the pilot program, but if it continues new applicants may have to pay a licence fee.

Leduc says it's launching the two-year pilot not just to let residents produce their own eggs and honey, but to reduce greenhouse gases, improve biodiversity and enhance residents' connection to nature.

Those interested in participating can visit Leduc's website for more information.

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