A restaurant in west Edmonton has truly gone to the dogs, but co-owner Geno Rodrigues doesn't seem to mind one bit.

His Doggy Style Deli, located on 151 Street and Stony Plain Road, serves food for dogs only. Even the animals' owners must bring a bagged lunch if they feel like eating with their pooches.

Co-owner Geno Rodrigues said there has been a need for such a restaurant for quite some time.

"We kind of thought we'd open up a place where people can socialize with their dogs, no matter what the temperature is," he said.

However, not all Edmontonians are going wild over the idea.

Some people at a local drop-in centre across the street from the deli marvel at the difference in treatment between the animals and the homeless.

Crystal Norris said she supports fair treatment of animals, but she disagrees going as far as creating a restaurant for them.

"There are a lot more important things out there than animals," she said. "We'll become animals if they don't."

Earl McDonald said he also disagrees with the city allowing a restaurant for dogs.

"I know people are treating their pets, but having a restaurant for them is ridiculous," he said.

Yet many dog owners said such a service is necessary.

"It's an important service," Donna Heudes said. "I think it's overdue in Edmonton."

The deli also sells dog products and provides grooming services.

With files from Rob McAnally