The leader of the Wildrose Party was at the centre of controversy after she questioned the science around climate change, and said her party would scrap a Progressive Conservative plan to capture greenhouse gases.

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said she is not denying climate change is happening, but doesn't think Albertans should foot the $2 billion bill to capture something, she says, we don't completely understand.

Smith pledged that a Wildrose government would work to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but not through carbon capture and storage.

"We've always acknowledged that our world is in a long-term transition away from carbon fuels," Smith said Monday. "In the meantime, we want to provide supports to consumers to be able to find energy efficiencies so than can reduce the amount of energy, and amount of emissions."

The Wildrose Leader said her government would offer tax rebates to Albertans, who make their homes more energy efficient.

A Greenpeace spokesperson said it was scary for him to hear a political leader questioning science behind climate change.

"Jurisdictions from around the world are looking to see if Alberta is really truthful in living up to its green rhetoric," Greenpeace spokersperson Mike Hudema said "Having a premier that denies the basics of climate science aren't going to go very far in convincing anybody."

Smith also said her party does not support carbon tax, a stance the PCs agree with, while the Liberal Party supports a tax on carbon emissions, and the New Democratic Party has pledged to introduce a hard cap on emissions.

With files from Sean Amato