Hundreds of hungry Edmontonians lined up Thursday for one last taste of an iconic downtown lunch spot.

Famous for dry spicy chicken and long lunch lines, Chicken for Lunch saw hundreds line up in Rice Howard Place for a plate on its last day after 33 years of service.

"This is like a staple. Amy and Chicken for Lunch has been around forever," said regular Alicia Bradley. "It's worth a two-hour wait in line."

Owner and operator Amy Quon has been serving up Chinese food at the mall every afternoon since 1991. While the portions were generous and the food was good, many will miss Quon just as much.

Beau Nychka, a long-time customer, also waited about two hours for his last meal.

"The food is amazing. It's to die for," he said. "Amy is just one of the most beautiful people. It's a combination of quality food and customer service that you don't get anywhere."

He added, "I introduced it to a friend of mine who lives in Seattle; he just about flew up for today."

Chicken for Lunch lineupThe lengthy line of regulars even attracted some first – and last – time Chicken for Lunchers.

"I've never seen something like this before. Everyone's so excited," one new customer said.

"We've heard it's really good," another added. "There's always a lineup, so it's gotta be really good."

Quon said the line grew so large she worried she wouldn't be able to feed her fans one last time.

"I don't know what happened to my line there. I am very nervous and I feel really bad, because I don't think I can get enough for everyone today," she said. "If I can not do it I'm very sorry."

Despite Thursday being the last day for Chicken for Lunch, Quon isn't quitting the service industry yet.

Quon and her family own The Lingnan Restaurant on 105 Avenue and 104 Street. She said anyone missing her or dry spicy chicken can head there to say hello.