ATB Financial says it has experienced a technical issue that caused some customers to see duplicate payments withdrawn from their account over the weekend.

Approximately 1,400 customers were affected.

According to ATB, it has identified and corrected the issue, and expects impacted customers will see resolution by the end of the day on Tuesday.

Whitemud Equine Centre, a non-profit group in Edmonton, says it had over $52,000 taken from its account.

Prosper Prodaniuk, a CTV News Edmonton employee, has a car loan with ATB. He says he checked his bank account on Tuesday morning and found that his car payment had been taken out, 12 times.

Prosper Prodaniuk screenshot

Prosper Prodaniuk provided this screenshot of his banking information to show the withdrawals by ATB Financial.

"I did immediately go to Twitter to see if this happened to anyone else, because it’s kind of a big deal."

"It was minus $3,000, which was quite a shock."

While ATB did post about the technical issues on their website on Monday, Prodaniuk said he wasn’t contacted by the bank and wasn’t aware of the issue until after he reached out on social media.

"I tweeted, and then I was contacted by ATB after I put my tweet up."

ATB said in a written statement banking fees incurred as a result of the error will be taken care of and it apologized for the error, but Prodaniuk says this kind of mistake is becoming too common.

"It just seems to be happening a lot. You hear about the Bank of Montreal the other week and now this one," he said in reference to a similar incident with BMO in August.

"For banks this can’t be happening on a regular basis. This can’t be regular."

Customers can call 1-800-332-8383 or visit for updates.